UpCycler with CAMP x H&M

Working with CAMP, we developed an interactive game experience for their brand partner, H&M. Kids and parents could hop on bikes to race each other and as they pedaled, models of their bikes would move across a diarama. At the end of the installation, a donation corresponding to the number of miles races was made to Project Learning Tree.

The landscape and small bikes in the scene were all fabricated from recycled clothes, fabrics, lace, buttons, etc. Working with a local Brooklyn bicycle fabricator, we refurbished old bikes to produce three different sized cycles for the project. We had a larger one for adults and older kids, a smaller one for mid-sized kids and a hand-cycle for small children and guests in wheelchairs. We also designed and built a custom split-flap display to align with the all-physical nature of the installation.


  1. Watching kids and parents battle it out on the bikes put a smile on our face. Especially because we knew that we increased the resistance on the largest bike, making it that much easier for the kiddos to win.
  2. We loved hearing the pft-pft-pft of the split-flaps from across the store. Mainly because that signaled to us they were working correctly, but also because it signified the start of a new race!
  3. To create the diorama, we needed lots of materials. Our favorite part of the landscape we created was what we coined pants mountain, and they were donated by Eden's sister.
  4. The total number of miles ridden over the course of the activation was over 12,000 miles! We measured this by including custom odometers on each cycle.
  5. At the completion of the project, we donated all of the cycles to an amazing non-profit that custom builds adaptive bicycles for children. Check them out here: AdaptAbility