Sloomoo Falls

A signature part of the experience at Sloomoo Institute, an interactive slime experience begun in New York City, is the Sloomoo Falls. In it, slime is dumped from above on to guests in an exciting moment heard from around the space.

We were tasked to research and develop a strategy for making the original Falls more efficient, less messy, and more fun for the guests. After multiple rounds of prototyping slime viscosities, scupper designs, and pumping methods, we developed a small-scale industrial processing plant behind the Sloomoo Falls wall

Beginning with raw ingredients, slime is produced directly at the wall and then pumped to the top of the structure. The slime is then released through a series of valves to create the waterfall effect. To assist with cleaning, we also developed a custom washing system that rinses down the wall and floor after each slime dump.