CAMP reached out to us to develop Shutterfly's first-ever experiential partnership. The New Years Party themed concept was to create the ultimate on-demand printing experience by allowing guests to turn their faces into confetti!

Guests would strike a pose in front of a tablet, snap a photo and send their image to the crew behind-the-scenes. As soon as they hit submit, small confetti cannons embedded within the installation would shoot off signaling the receipt of their order.

Our role in the project was to do the experience design, technology design and production, as as the system design for the back-end process of printing and cutting the individualized confetti for each guest.


  1. This project had so many little thoughtful elements! We had a backdrop printed with the Facefetti squiggles, an LED ring embedded around the tablet that only lit when the photo was about to be taken, and custom designed receipts that were printed for each order on a thermal printer behind the booth.
  2. We created playful animations that were shown throughout the activation. Our favorites were the subtle squiggle movement on the tablet homescreen and the confetti blast animation that went off when an order was ready for pickup.
  3. The back-of-house system we developed for producing the confetti consisted of a high-resolution printer, a die-cutting machine with custom steel die and a tool we designed to pop out all the confetti into a funnel. We streamlined the system to take less than a minute to produce a single order.
  4. By the end of the month long activation, there were tons of extra confetti faces scattered all throughout the grass floor behind the booth. It was fun to go through them and see all the fun faces that were made!
  5. Guests were incredibly creative when it came to having their photo taken for the confetti. One of our favorite instances was when a guest held up their phone's screen to the tablet's camera to allow them to make confetti showcasing their dog!